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First weather forcast for Bahrain

March 2, 2010

The first long range weather predictions for the race in Bahrain next week have just arrived, and no surprise it’s going to be hot. Every day is set to be 26-28c and sunny. That should give us track temperatures in the low-mid 40s.


Jerez weather

February 12, 2010

Just in case anybody has been following the various news/twitter feeds from here in Jerez and you’re wondering about how wet it actually is, I now have the answer. I have spoken to the weather guys here and have averaged out their rain readings and so far today (upto 1pm) we have had a grand total of 0.2mm of rain. I find it incredulous that such a miniscule amount of water can cause so many problems for the multi-million dollar machines. All we need is a few cars to go out on track and just try. The track will dry out quickly and the teams can use the short amount of test time they have fully.