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AT&T Williams Bahrain Preview

March 9, 2010

Sam Michael, Technical Director
The FW32 completed almost 7,000kms during winter testing with the new Cosworth engine installation. We have made great progress on reliability and we’re still working on improving that, albeit at high mileages that we shouldn’t encounter during race weekends.
Performance has been solid throughout the test sessions, but Bahrain will tell us where we are. We tested the majority of our Bahrain race package while in Barcelona, while a couple of additional parts will go straight to the race. Rubens and Nico will also go through their first race weekend as teammates. Signs from winter testing are that they’ll push each other all the way!

Rubens Barrichello
I’m delighted to be entering my eighteenth season. I’m so motivated and I’m in a much better physical condition than I have been at any other time. I’m also really happy to be driving for AT&T Williams. I’ve settled in well, and I already feel like I’ve been here five years!
We covered a lot of miles with the car during winter testing, working on reliability during the first few tests and then some upgrades for Bahrain at the final two. In terms of set-up, reliability and drivability of the engine, we’ve done a good job. The car has improved a lot and the team have done well preparing me so I’m completely familiar with everything heading into the first race.
I think we’re strong, I’m optimistic, but it is very hard to draw a conclusion as to where we are so I’m going to wait and see. It’s going to be a fantastic season with the new teams, the new drivers and the new regulations.

Nico Hülkenberg
Being a Formula One driver is a great feeling and I’m very excited about going to Bahrain. I learnt a lot as the team’s test driver, which has prepared me well for the season ahead. Working in the factory has also helped give me more of a technical understanding of the car, it won’t make me quicker, but it will help me with set-up.
Winter testing was good for us. Having completed a good amount of mileage, we are well placed going into the season. The Cosworth engine is also looking strong; it’s powerful and reliable. We have potential, but we have to wait to see where the competition is. It’s going to be an exciting season and I can’t wait to start it!


His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani is the first Qatari to drive a Formula One car

December 10, 2009

Losail International Circuit, Qatar, Thursday December 10, 2009.
His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani of Qatar, owner of the Al-Anabi Group of Drag Racing Teams in the US and the Middle East, became the first Qatari to drive a Formula One car when he took to the 5.3km Losail International Circuit in a Williams FW31 today.
His Highness completed a comprehensive preparation process including travelling to the AT&T Williams team base near Oxford, UK, earlier this week for a seat fit and a detailed instruction process in the team’s advanced simulator. Combined with his tireless preparation and training with his Al Anabi Drag Racing team, His Highness Sheikh Khalid was fully prepared to use his competition driving experience to become the first Qatari ever to drive a Formula One car.
Having completed 5 laps of the circuit, His Highness commented, “The Williams FW31 is a remarkable vehicle, unlike any other race car I’ve ever driven. Being the first Qatarian to drive a Formula One car was an amazing experience I will not forget. I am proud that I was able to experience this honour at home in the State of Qatar.”
His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani recently took first place at a 2009-10 Arabian Drag Racing League event at the Qatar Race Club, making the second-quickest Pro Extreme pass in the world. His Highness is a patron of motorsport in Qatar and internationally. He also heads the development of the Qatar Motor City project, a planned international destination which aims to further His Highness’ vision of the State of Qatar as a centre for international motorsports by combining a
world-class oval track, road racing course and drag racing track into a motorsports dedicated city. His Highness has been in lengthy discussions with NASCAR in the US about involvement in Qatar Motor City. Combined with his leadership in international drag racing through Al Anabi Racing and his continuing relationship with the Williams Team and others involved in Formula One racing, under his direction Qatar Motor City aims to be one of the world’s leading motorsports hubs for all forms of racing.
Sir Frank Williams, the AT&T Williams Team Principal said, “It was a privilege to be able to facilitate this historic first for His Highness and the State of Qatar today. The team of engineers that worked with Sheikh Khalid reported that he demonstrated considerable skill and aptitude in the DIL simulator at our headquarters near Oxford this week. Based on his established competition experience and competence in the DIL, we extended an additional invitation to enable His Highness Sheikh Khalid to drive the FW31, and he acquitted himself with honours. We are delighted and honoured that His Highness has not only sampled our simulator technology which is the basis for our recent investment in the Qatar Science and Technology Park in Doha, but that he has now driven the FW31 and can not only draw comparison between the virtual and real world. Equally we hope a first-hand Formula One experience will assist in His Highness with his future vision for the Qatar Motor City.” The team additionally ran a series of demonstration laps led by 2010 season team race driver, Nico Hulkenberg. Having raced and won at the circuit in the GP2 Asia Championship, he commented, “I
really like this circuit, it has a flow that suits my driving style, so it was great to come back here for a filming project with the team and to provide His Highness with some assistance in his first drive in a Formula One car. Although I doubt the straight line speed compares with a Top Fuel Dragster that he is used to racing, I hope some of the other performance aspects of Formula One technology impressed him.” Nico Hulkenberg will stay in Doha next week to use some of the first-class sporting facilities to conduct a winter training camp.
AT&T Williams’ other 2010 season race driver, the vastly experienced Rubens Barrichello sampled the Losail International Circuit for first time this week and remarked that, “There are plenty of corners on the Losail Circuit, so it took a while to memorise, but it had great grip level and the layout is great. It has a long enough straight to promote good overtaking and it would make a great venue for a Grand Prix.”
The team’s visit to Losail concluded a filming and photography project generating material that will be used by the team’s numerous sponsors, promoting Qatar around the world.


Kinerstor project aims to demonstrate viability of low cost flywheel hybrid systems

November 25, 2009

Oxford, November 24, 2009. Following the recent announcement of part funding by the Government-backed Technology Strategy Board, the partners in the KinerStor project have today announced further details of their collaborative programme to demonstrate the viability of low-cost flywheel hybrid systems. The KinerStor project will be led by Ricardo and will comprise a consortium of industrial partners including CTG, JCB, Land Rover, SKF, Torotrak and Williams Hybrid Power. The project aims to demonstrate the potential of flywheel-based hybrid systems with the potential for 30 per cent fuel savings (and equivalent reductions in CO2 emissions) at an on-cost of less than £1000, thus enabling the mass-market uptake of hybrid vehicles in price sensitive vehicle applications.

The project will research and de-risk the principle critical flywheel sub-systems individually, then bring them together for system optimisation in two forms of proprietary device; a mechanical/magnetic coupled flywheel system developed by Ricardo (known by the trade name Kinergy), and an electrically coupled unit developed by Williams Hybrid Power. The flywheel systems being developed by the KinerStor consortium partners are ideally suited for potential applications in passenger cars ranging from small, price-sensitive mass-market models through to large luxury SUVs, as well as in low-cost compact energy storage systems for application in industrial and construction equipment. The KinerStor project team aims to design, build and test a number of prototype units such that on completion, the developed technologies are ready for vehicle-based installation, testing and demonstration.

The KinerStor consortium brings together a critical mass of relevant skills and expertise in specialist areas, including: advanced flywheel systems, focusing on new material technologies including low-cost composite fibres and specialist steels; continuously variable transmissions; bearing and coupling design; drivetrain integration; and volume vehicle manufacturing. The project’s structure will allow for the development of common core technology solutions which can be tailored to the individual needs of vehicle manufacturers, maximising potential fuel saving and CO2 emission reduction benefits.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Ricardo group technology director Neville Jackson said: “The development of highly optimised flywheel based technology offers the prospectof the effective and low-cost hybridisation of price-sensitive vehicle applications with consequent benefits to fuel economy and CO2 emissions reduction. Ricardo is pleased to be able to lead the KinerStor consortium which brings together a crucial mass of skills and expertise in this important area of future automotive technology.”

The KinerStor project is supported by an investment from the Government-backed Technology Strategy Board with balancing resources provided by the project partners.


Toto Wolff is a new Williams F1 shareholder & board member

November 20, 2009

Oxford, UK, 20 November 2009. Frank Williams and Patrick Head announced today that they have sold a minority interest in Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited (Williams F1) to an investment company led by Austrian investor Toto Wolff. Mr Wolff also joins the company’s Board.