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Day zero in Valencia

January 31, 2010

Iberia eventually got me to Valencia, and even Hertz managed to get me a car after some arguing, but I did end up getting out to the circuit a few minutes late for the Sauber launch. However this did mean that everbody else had buggered off leaving the car in the middle of the track unattended. This gave me the change to get an uncluttered shot of probably the pointiest car i’ve ever seen.

After chewing the cud for an hour or so, catching up with everyone who I haven’t seen since Abu Dhabi all those months ago, it was time to go back to the pit lane to grab a spot for the Renault unvieling.

Things are never quite that simple though. The car which was wheeled out under a billowing black cover had a teeny weeny problem. No Steering. This resulted in the press pack moving a few foot left or a few foot right rather than the car being moved as normally happens. As this was going on the sun was rapidly getting lower in the sky casting our shadows over the car, so time to move again. After a few more tweeks the car was uncovered, and as predicted by many it has Renaults original yellow and black colours. Personally I think it looks like a Jordan from about 10 years ago. What do you think?