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Goodbye Jerez, see you all in Barcelona

February 12, 2010

I’m typing this whilst sitting in Jerez airport waiting for the first of the flights which will get me back to London later tonight. Testing for the last 2 weeks has been interesting as it’s not normally something I would cover, but as I was asked and paid to come I did.

I’m not coming back to Jerez next week as it’s half term for the schools in the UK, so we’re grabbing the chance for a family holiday before the season starts in just a few short weeks. However I will be at the Barcelona test in 2 weeks for the duration.

Have we actually learnt anything from the 2 weeks of testing so far? Not really. Virgin Racing have discovered that there is no way to get parts from the UK to Jerez in a hurry short of chartering a plane. Hold on doesn’t the beardy one have a few of those knocking round? The Spanish fans still love Fernando Alonso, especially in a Ferrari, but only when it’s not raining. Remember that on the last day in Valencia there were more people in the stands than at Bahrain, Turkey and Valencia during the 2009 races. Maybe people should start to pay attention to that.

That’s pretty much all i’ve got to say at the moment. There will be an update from this afternoons Lotus launch as soon as I get it and am able to upload.