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Last test day of 2010

February 28, 2010

So the last day of testing before the season starts has arrived. The weather here at the track is warmer than yesterday already, but quite windy.
With just over 30 minutes until the session starts the teams have all had breakfast and started the engine warming procedure prior to firing them up in a few minutes.
Hopefully today won’t be hit with as many red flags as yesterday, but remember anything can, and usually does happen during testing.


Have we learnt anything from the Barcelona test?

February 27, 2010

Short answer… No!

Some things we already knew have been reaffirmed;

  • When it’s damp cars slide off the track.
  • Pit stops without refueling are fast – sub 3 seconds
  • The new teams, those that turn up in Bahrain anyway, are slower than everybody else, but not by as much as they could be.
  • The Spanish love Alonso in a Ferrari.
  • The whole world wants to know what Schumacher is capable of.
  • The Red Bull Energy Station team do a lovely lunch – Thanks, Vielen Dank, Gracias & Merci

Some of the teams have had deliveries of components over the past couple of days, so we may see some changes tomorrow but I doubt it.

Once tomorrow is done there are only 12 days until we regroup in Bahrain for the first race of the season where I suspect 30% or more of the field won’t finish, and there may be a few surprises in store.


Barcelona day 3. Lunchtime

February 27, 2010

So the rain which was originally forecast for yesterday has finally arrived and caused 2 red flags this morning. However it’s nowhere near as bad as the past 2 weeks in Jerez, and the official weather thingy here hasn’t actually got wet enough to register any measurement, so I think we’ll call it a sprinkling.

Sir Richard Branson has been here all morning having held an early morning press conference and photocall for the Virgin Racing team. He feels that F1 can be fun as well as competitive for $40million a year. I wonder if we’ll be seeing a Virgin Party Palace as well as the Red Bull Energy Station at the European races this year? He has also made his feelings clear about the statements made by Ferrari about the new teams over recent days.

Trulli in his Lotus has moved up the time sheets this morning having started to do some race distance runs.

The times at the lunch break are:

  1. Rosberg 1:20.686
  2. Buemi 1:21.413
  3. Sutil 1:22.951
  4. Massa 1:23.490
  5. Barrichello 1:23.976
  6. Trulli 1:25.059
  7. Kobayashi 1:26.216
  8. Petrov 1:26.346
  9. Button 1:36.667
  10. Glock no time
  11. Vettel no time

Barcelona day 2 timings

February 26, 2010
  1. N Hulkenberg – AT&T Williams 1:20.614 99
  2. F Alonso – Ferrari 1:20.637 134
  3. P de la Rosa – BMW Sauber 1:20.973 114
  4. V Liuzzi – Force India 1:21.056 90
  5. S Vettel – Red Bull Racing 1:21.258 125
  6. J Alguersuari – Toro Rosso 1:21.571 104
  7. M Schumacher – Mercedes GP 1:21.689 85
  8. L Hamilton – McLaren 1:22.152 93
  9. R Kubica – Renault F1 1:24.912 53
  10. J Trulli – Lotus 1:25.524 70
  11. T Glock – Virgin 1:25.942 52

Barcelona day 2

February 26, 2010

Day 2 here in Barcelona has dawned with clear skies and the temperature is already up to 12c. The teams are firing up the cars after overnight work and we are expecting some low fuel runs from pretty much everybody today which will give us our first real look at the overall pace of each driver. Yesterday Mark Webber was the fastest out on track, but will Red bull be able to repeat this today? Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are out for Mercedes, Mclaren and Ferrari. It should be interesting to see how the three world champions compare, on this their last test day running together before Bahrain and the 2010 season starts 2 weeks from today.


Lotus Racing. Barcelona day 1

February 25, 2010

76 more laps for Fairuz Fauzy on the first day of the Barcelona test marks another satisfactory day for Lotus Racing. In dry, sunny conditions the team completed all its objectives for the day and are now looking forward to seeing Jarno Trulli take over driving duties tomorrow and Saturday.

Chief Technical Officer Mike Gascoyne gave his thoughts on the day’s on track action, saying “It was a very productive day – 76 laps with no mechanical worries on the car. In the morning we conducted some engine LAMDA running which we completed successfully. We ran through a series of system set up checks, completed our first starts and evaluated a number of other control systems on the car, as well as monitoring temperatures and pressures throughout the car.

“All in all this was a successful day both on the track and we ticked off a lot of behind the scenes tasks ahead of the first race. Fairuz did a very good job today, with no mistakes, and we were able to complete our whole program.”

Jarno Trulli takes over tomorrow with more dry running ahead of the Lotus Racing team.


Barcelona day 1 final times

February 25, 2010

With the day ending under a Jenson Button caused red flag i’m not entirely sure if we have learnt anything or not. Webber has been consistently fast all day and ended the day 0.920s ahead of Hulkenberg. 6.5s separates the field, but that is mainly because Di Grassi wiped out his Virgin earlier this morning, and the Lotus of Fauzy is just slow.

  1. Webber 1:21.487
  2. Hulkenberg 1:22.407
  3. Rosberg 1:22.514
  4. De la Rosa 1:23.144
  5. Button 1:23.452
  6. Liuzzi 1:24.064
  7. Alonso 1:24.170
  8. Petrov 1:24.173
  9. Alguersuari 1:24.869
  10. Di Grassi 1:27.057
  11. Fauzy 1:28.002