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I hate Renault

July 8, 2010

Or rather why I hate the Renault UK dealer network.

Not really F1 related this post, but it’s my blog and it’s about the manufacturer behind the F1 team, so i’m writing it anyway.

Just over 5 years ago I brought a Renault Grand Scenic with everything added from a Renault Dealer which unfortunately no longer exists. The car has been great for almost all of its 90,000 miles. I’d recommend it to anyone, in fact a few weeks ago I ordered a new one. However due to the incompetence and ignorance of the Renault dealer nearest to where I now live, I have just cancelled the order and will now be looking at competing makes.

Recently a few things have started to go wrong with the car – keyless entry is intermittent and a few other niggling things. However the biggest fault is the air conditioning sprung a leak. Not through a seal, but one of the pipes split. So 4 days ago I booked the car into CrossRoads Renault in Oxford to have it fixed. They knew the parts needed to be ordered, hence the four day lead time.

This morning having reorganised my day I took the car to the dealer only to be told that when they tried to order the parts yesterday they found they were out of stock at Renault UK and wouldn’t be available for a couple of days. Did they bother to call to let me know, obviously not. They say they left me a message on my mobile, neat trick that one – I don’t have voicemail. Their attitude? Couldn’t give a toss. In fact the monkey behind the desk said ‘what do you want us to do about it. We can’t make the f***ing part’. Well monkey boy, I got on the phone and immediately cancelled the order for the new car. Clearly you didn’t read the memo which told you that the car industry in the UK is still fucked and needs people to buy new cars. You just lost a £24,000 cash sale as I can’t trust your dealership (CrossRoads Renault in Oxford) to do it’s job properly as the staff are incompetent liars.

Clearly I won’t be getting CrossRoads to fix the air conditioning, and unless I can find somewhere else to sort it out today or tomorrow it won’t get done before the German F1 race in 2 weeks as the car is going to be away with me on holiday until then. That’ll mean i’ve got to hire a very expensive ‘cross border’ hire car.

Renault I hate you and your dealer network!