February 27, 2010

Thanks for keeping me company for the past month of testing down here in not so sunny Spain – it’s been a blast. This season is going to be the first with full Twitter coverage by anybody. Most of us in the world of F1 picked up on the power of the tweet a few races into last year and things have snowballed. This past month has been the first time that anybody has tweeted regularly from an F1 test session, and it’s been quite a challenge. It’s also the first time that I have put any of my photos up on a site like Flikr, and that has been an education in its own right. The photos have been looked at by tens of thousands of different people, driven there by Twitter, this blog and other F1 sites.

Testing comes to a close tomorrow for this year, and due to the wonders of airline scheduling, and family commitments, I will be leaving the circuit before lunch to catch 2 planes in order to get home. I will try to post some images before I catch the first of those flights, and then do a roundup once i’m back in Oxford tomorrow night.


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  1. Thank you – very much appreciated

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