Barcelona day 3. Lunchtime

February 27, 2010

So the rain which was originally forecast for yesterday has finally arrived and caused 2 red flags this morning. However it’s nowhere near as bad as the past 2 weeks in Jerez, and the official weather thingy here hasn’t actually got wet enough to register any measurement, so I think we’ll call it a sprinkling.

Sir Richard Branson has been here all morning having held an early morning press conference and photocall for the Virgin Racing team. He feels that F1 can be fun as well as competitive for $40million a year. I wonder if we’ll be seeing a Virgin Party Palace as well as the Red Bull Energy Station at the European races this year? He has also made his feelings clear about the statements made by Ferrari about the new teams over recent days.

Trulli in his Lotus has moved up the time sheets this morning having started to do some race distance runs.

The times at the lunch break are:

  1. Rosberg 1:20.686
  2. Buemi 1:21.413
  3. Sutil 1:22.951
  4. Massa 1:23.490
  5. Barrichello 1:23.976
  6. Trulli 1:25.059
  7. Kobayashi 1:26.216
  8. Petrov 1:26.346
  9. Button 1:36.667
  10. Glock no time
  11. Vettel no time

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